Ready for the best standing desk ever?

Us too. So we did our homework and designed something new.

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Petal colors, accessories and a gallery.

The real stars are the people using Blossoms in their homes. Young professionals, mid-careerists and kids learning remotely. Of course they are all in their sweats so you'll have to look closely to tell them apart.

Let's see those Blossoms

The magic is in the magnets.


A completely new kind of wall system.

Cambio Wall System is comprised of square and rectangular panels in multiple sizes and materials. Mix them for infinite design possibilities. 

The magic is in our proprietary magnet panel system. Fast and simple installation. Change, exchange and rearrange the panels in moments. Your customers will have fun with it for years.


All 43 Color Block Options

Something for everyone!

Introducing 25 new hues for Cambio Color Block Panels

We have filled out our offerings for Color Block, with lots of blues, greens and neutrals. 43 in all. Our product filter allows you to search by color family or material. Click below to see the 15 rich Pin Board colors, 3 wood products and the new Color Board.

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Designers, architects, … find out about our new products

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