Tiny House Nation Everett House built with Windfall Lumber counters

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The FYI network called us last year looking for counter tops for a Tiny House being built for a couple in Everett, WA.  We were happy to contribute. Reclaimed wood for a beautiful and energy efficient 220 sf  tiny house? You bet! We made two tops; one rectangle, the other an L-shaped piece with a cut-out for the sink.  The counters are plank construction made from reclaimed Douglas fir. The wood came to us as beams from a deconstructed building here in the Pacific NW.     If you want to check in out, the episode is called 220 sq. Ft. Romantic Abode and aired on...

Installation Story: Union Stables

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Project: Union Stables | Seattle, Washington Union Stables was built in 1909 for the livery business of Benjamin & Maddocks and housed 300 horses who pulled street cars and fire engines, and hauled goods to and from Pike Place Market. In the fall of 2014 - 130,000 board feet of fir was removed from old ceilings and horse stall floors and delivered to Windfall Lumber. We re-milled the material to produce 10,000 sfq.ft. of flooring, bathroom vanities for five floors, countertops, desks and benches, which were installed in the renovated building. Architects and designers on the project included Weinstein A+U and Miller...

Seattle Business Magazine Names Windfall Manufacturer of the Year

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Seattle Business Magazine - May Issue Seattle Business honored 19 top manufacturers in the state at its Washington Manufacturing Awards event April 24th at the Seattle Design Center. The event was attended by 280 members of the region’s manufacturing community. Highlights of the evening were the geographical diversity of the honorees — winners came from virtually every corner of the state — and acceptance speeches by company executives, most of whom ascribed their successes to employee loyalty and a commitment to creativity and reinvention during the economic downturn. Windfall Lumber was named as the Winner in the category of Small Manufacturer...

Exciting times for production and operations at Windfall Lumber!

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By Martin Bills, Production Manager With success comes recognition of limitations. In our case, we have needed to substantially upgrade our plant & facilities to allow for increased production capacity.  For the past couple of years we've been making the best use of our resources & machinery.  Now we are on the verge of knocking down walls and reconfiguring our production flow. Phase 1: We’re improving our work environments with increased dust collection capacity including sophisticated spark detection & air return systems.  We’ve outgrown our old system, so for us this is really cool! We are very excited about what...

Production with a melody...♪♫♫♪

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From my desk, I can see much of our production activity. The shipping department is the nearest. I like to look over the railing to see what is lined up for departure, both to admire our latest work and to make sure I get a chance to snap a picture to add to our photo gallery. Another reason I like to notice shipping department goings-on is to see the latest wrapping effort taking place.  Heriberto Barboza (he goes by Eddie) builds a custom palette and package for each product before it is ready to leave of our plant. There is...

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