Production with a melody...♪♫♫♪

From my desk, I can see much of our production activity. The shipping department is the nearest. I like to look over the railing to see what is lined up for departure, both to admire our latest work and to make sure I get a chance to snap a picture to add to our photo gallery. Another reason I like to notice shipping department goings-on is to see the latest wrapping effort taking place.  Heriberto Barboza (he goes by Eddie) builds a custom palette and package for each product before it is ready to leave of our plant. There is craftsmanship, even in the most mundane aspects of our manufacturing process. But there is more to Eddie than meets the eye. There is music. Even with the office door closed, we can all hear the high pitched sawing sounds from the wood miser and other machines in action. We can also hear Eddie’s more-than-occasional singing and whistling. He is a constant source of music snippets, which are loud, upbeat, and ever on key. Windfall is preparing to institute phase 2 of our Lean Manufacturing facility update. Lucky for me, the shipping department will still be within view and hearing range of the office.  Marty Bills, our Production Manager, will be writing later this month about the plant changes to-date and those soon-to-be implemented. Eddie w saw, 12-2013              IMG_5315 Eddie at work, making custom packaging.

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