Introducing Tropics Cladding

Add character and visual variety to your interior projects with our Tropics Cladding.  Comprised of more than a dozen species of wood from Africa, Asia and South America, the colors and grain patterns are rich and varied.  

The cladding face is made from shipping pallets, diverted from landfills, and offers a 3rd life to this post-industrial waste. The cladding is Certified FSC-Recycled and the edges are tongue and groove for blind fastening. Ready to install, Tropics Cladding is available in Clear, Mist, Mushroom, Night and Toffee.

Windfall Lumber Tropics-Toffee

Windfall Lumber Tropics Cladding-Clear

Windfall Lumber Tropics Cladding - Night

Windfall Lumber Tropics Cladding-Mushroom

Windfall Lumber Tropics Cladding-Mist

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