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Project: Whole Foods, Seattle
The designers at Whole Foods incorporated our Engineered Panels throughout the new store located in Seattle's Capital Hill neighborhood. Uses include wainscoting on both floors, seating in the dining area, cabinetry, half walls around the check-out area and a fabulous ceiling cloud in the coffee shop. 

Windfall Lumber Engineered Panel, Clear at Whole Foods, Capital Hill, Seattle

Ceiling Cloud, wall panels and free standing mini-fixture fabricated from Windfall's Engineered Panels. 


Whole Foods often designs its stores to include regionally sourced materials to create a distinct and local aesthetic.  Our factory is just 65 miles south of the store and Engineered Panels are made from beams from deconstructed buildings in the Pacific NW. These materials provide a sense of relaxed comfort to the store, much like the Seattle vibe. 

While taking these photos, I had the chance to chat with several of the staff at the store. Each said how much they liked having the wood elements in their work place. It was such a pleasure to see this great design and installation!


Engineered Panel walls surround the check-out area.

Wainscoting by the washrooms. 


One of several cabinets made from Engineered Panels


Contrasting and cozy design seating in the dining area.

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