Behind the Design: Windfall Lumber

GRAY Magazine + Simply American feature by John Briggs - March 2015 Ponder the lowly pallet. Assembled of pine, it admirably performs its role supporting the shipping of other goods, but after a few trips across the country, it's often burned or discarded in a landfill. The ingenious people at Windfall Lumber in Tumwater, WA have discovered a better end for old pallets, making the most of this banal wood by turning it into panels, and then installing them as interior siding in lobbies, offices and coffee shops. This pallet project is just one of the most recent American-based efforts to redeem what some would see as "trash" into useful products for the building industry.  

Click HERE to read the entire article on GRAY Magazine. Windfall's tagline is "Every piece of wood has a story". The same can be said for many of its new hires. Windfall has partnered with Labor Ready to provide people to help Windfall hit its production targets. Many of these workers have flourished at Windfall, one such worker is Bam Mitchell. Click HERE to read the entire article on Simply American.

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