Cambio FAQ


How is Cambio installed?

Our innovative, patented magnetic panel system is easy to install with simple tools. 

Every Cambio purchase includes an installation kit including instructions. Our installation video shows how.

How are Cambio materials sampled?

Cambio swatch samples are 3"x 3" and can be ordered on each product page or on the Samples page. See Materials button above.  

What is Cambio's seismic rating?

Cambio exceeds seismic requirements. Design with confidence. Let us know if you need specifics.

Is fire rating available?

Most definitely, yes. 

However it may not be necessary. Given that Cambio is removable, check the building code requirements for your project. 

We can achieve Class A or B rating with Wood and Color Block. The Pin Board achieves Class B rating. 


What about edge treatment?

Metal edge trim in anodised aluminum, and black and white powder coat is available. See photos here. 

How are outlet cutouts handled?

Paintable outlet inserts are available in white or black, in singles or doubles.

Estimates and Ordering

How do I request an estimate?

Please send your request to letting us know the:



-Panel sizes


-Project Name

-Ship to address or at least the City and Zip Code.

And of course your contact information.

We will get back to you shortly. Can't wait!

How do I place an order?

Please send your request, purchase order and reference the project estimate we prepared if you have one...


We appreciate doing business with you.  

What is the lead time on orders?

Lead time, from order date to ship date, depends on quantity ordered. 

Expect 4 weeks or less for orders up to 500 sf.  

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