Floating Shapes | Color Block

A new approach
to wall design.

Caribbean Walnut in Hallway

Create the character of a space.

Use the Visualizer to imagine
simple or complex designs.

No rules. Make it yours.

Wood, Color Block and Pin Board


Design Cambio walls instantly

With our Visualizer, you can:

 - Set wall size.

 - Design from scratch or use one of our templates.

 - Drop your wall into a room scene.

 - Save, share or print it with an inventory of panels. 

 - Request a quote.

Start designing

Get a personal tour of Cambio.

Request a Cambio Presentation

For your team. On your schedule.

We will show a variety of materials, how to install, and an on-line design tool for creating, saving and sharing your project wall. 

15 minutes of inspiration + Q&A.

Lunch or snacks delivered to your doors. 

Request a time

Designers, architects, … find out about our new products

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