Windfall Lumber - countertop installation and care.

Acclimation of the countertop to the moisture content of the installed space is critical for proper installation. The process to achieve proper acclimation is as follows:

  • Find a flat and stable space in or close to the final installation space to store countertops during acclimation. This can be a flat floor or plywood set on a cabinet.
  • Using stickers (thin pieces of wood), or any small, long pieces of dry wood, set the countertop(s) on the stickers with a spacing of every 8-12 inches. Be sure to set stickers 3-6 inches from the edge.
  • Multiple countertops can be stickered on top of each other but the stickers need to line up on top of each other.
  • Flip countertops over daily for a 7 day period.

Installation should be performed by an experienced carpenter or countertop installer to ensure a quality long term product. Typical installation for all wood countertops is with a few tight screws at the back of the cabinet by the wall and fewer loose screws and fender washers in oversize holes at the front edge, depending upon base cabinet construction. This allows for seasonal expansion and contraction of the solid wood, keeping it tight at the backsplash and allowing for movement at the front edge. Keep all sections wrapped and bound until ready to install to keep sections flat. Use as few screws as possible to keep the countertop located on the base cabinets. The countertop is heavy and does not need to be tightly attached with lots of screws. Screw holes should be pre-drilled and should not penetrate more than ½” into the countertop. This is especially important for end grain tops!

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