D3 Panels

Acclimation: All woods react to moisture in the environment by expanding when moisture is added and by shrinking or contracting when moisture is removed. Thus, it is extremely important to allow ample acclimation time in the environment in which the product will be installed. Windfall recommends at least 7 days of acclimation time, the more the better in dryer climates. Product should be properly stacked with wood sticks in between to allow for air flow around all side of the product. The most important factor for moisture at installation is enough acclimation time in the same space where the product will be installed so the wood can come to a stasis with the conditions of the space.

Installation: This wood product must be installed in a way that allows for expansion and contraction over time. The product must be fastened with a screw and washer going through an oversize hole in the mounting surface. Screws should not go more than ½” into the product, and should be pre-drilled. Allow for the wood to move using whatever installation method you choose (i.e., french cleats, fastened through face into studs, or biscuiting).

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