Acclimation of the tabletop to the moisture content of the installed space is critical for proper installation. The process to achieve proper acclimation is as follows:

  • Unwrap tabletop and place in interior where it will be installed.
  • For the next 7 days flip it from front to back and place on a protected surface as not to scratch the tabletop. Do not place on end or side as this may result in warping.

Base Installation: Installation should be performed by an experienced carpenter or craftsman.

  • When attaching to a base, make sure the wood has the ability to move. This allows for seasonal expansion and contraction of the solid wood.
  • Typical base installation for all wood tabletops is using fasteners set through the oversize holes in the base. Washers should be used with all fasteners.
  • We recommend a loose fit at first. As the weeks go by, you may hand tighten to a snug fit. This will insure the wood will have room to move.

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