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All about Cambio through Videos

The videos on this page tell the Cambio story.

The first video shows how Cambio attaches. The second tells about our sample kit and how to order samples. Number three is about the fun of designing with our online tool. Videos four & five show the simplicity of installation and a variety of wall designs.

#1 What is Cambio Wall System?

 -Modular and demountable. 

 -Enables a  mix materials and finishes.

 -Attaches with magnets for easy + fast installation and design change. 

 -Surprises and delights.

Cambio Kit Contents

#2 What's in a Cambio Sample Kit?

A set of mini magnet panels and rails + finish samples.

Watch this video to see what is inside.

Have it mailed to your home or work place.

It's free.  (or just request individual samples.)

Order yours today !

Get your design mind in gear. 

#3 Ready for design fun?

Create, save and share your designs; drop them into a room scene.

This video shows how to use the Cambio Visualizer and see your imagined  project's walls come to life. 

Start designing

Need a break from your chair? Stand up and dance.

#4 Changing a Cambio Wall is....

as easy as changing your shirt!

Check out three different Cambio Wall designs we created while our friend here made a wardrobe change. Turn up your speakers. 

#5 How much time to install a wall?

About a New York Minute.

It took just 2 hours to install the rails on this 18' w x 9' h wall.  This video shows three designs created, each taking less than five minutes to attach.  Hang onto your hat.  We edited down to 14 seconds.

Check out our finishes

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