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All about Cambio through Videos

The videos on this page tell the Cambio story.

#1 introduces Cambio and its attachment system.

#2 tells about our sample kit and how to order samples.

#3 is about the fun of designing with our online tool.

#4 & #5 show the simplicity of installation and a variety of wall designs.

#6 is our installation instruction from start to finish.


#1 What is Cambio Wall System?

 Modular and demountable. Enables a  mix of materials and finishes. Attaches with magnets for easy + fast installation and design change.  Surprises and delights.

Cambio Kit Contents

#2 What's in a Cambio Sample Kit?

A set of mini magnet panels and rails + finish samples.

Watch this video to see what is inside.

Have it mailed to your home or work place.

It's free.  (or just request individual samples.)

Order yours today !

Get your design mind in gear. 

#3 Ready for design fun?

Create, save and share your designs; drop them into a room scene.

This video shows how to use the Cambio Visualizer and see your imagined  project's walls come to life. 

Start designing

Need a break from your chair? Stand up and dance.

#4 Changing a Cambio Wall is....

as easy as changing your shirt!

Check out three different Cambio Wall designs we created while our friend here made a wardrobe change. Turn up your speakers. 

#5 How much time to install a wall?

About a New York Minute.

It took just 2 hours to install the rails on this 18' w x 9' h wall.  This video shows three designs created, each taking less than five minutes to attach.  Hang onto your hat.  We edited down to 14 seconds.

Check out our finishes

#6 Installation Instruction

From Rails to Panels

Covers a complete Cambio Wall System installation including:

- Wall prep,

- Tools needed,

- Installing the starter ledge, rails, trim and panels.

Designers, architects, … find out about our new products

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