Douglas Fir Telephone Pole Live Edge

Our Douglas Fir Telephone Pole Live Edge tables and counters have the bark of the tree removed letting the natural edge of the pole dictate the piece.  Each piece will have a unique character with surface checking and natural cracks. Douglas fir telephone pole colors vary from light rosy pinks and yellow-browns to dark amber reds and are set off by a remarkably straight, handsome grain. The live edge can be mounted up or down (please specify when ordering, default is live edge up). A clear waterborne varnish is applied on the natural wood or over stain to provide a durable surface and to enhance the beauty of the wood. Tables and counters are made to order with planks 4"-8" wide depending on table dimensions.  

Spec sheet

Douglas Fir Telephone Pole Live Edge

Sample Size

All samples are approximately 4" by 4". Larger sample sizes are available on request

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