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D3 Panels

D3= Douglas Fir’s third life.

First as a tree, second as a structural beam, and now as an architectural panel. What will it become as a panel? That is up to you. In addition to attaching directly to the wall and ceilings, D3 panels have become reception and bar fronts, benches, booths backs with upholstery, suspended ceiling panels, café clouds and shaped fins, room dividers, and shelving. What’s your plan?

D3 Panels are made from reclaimed Douglas fir solid and glue laminated beams from deconstructed industrial, agricultural, and residential buildings in the Pacific NW.

Rigid 3/4" panels are used for walls, ceilings, fixture facing or as construction material such for seating or cabinetry. The flexible 1/4" thick panels can be applied to curved and flat surfaces. Available with a smooth surface  in 8 standard finishes. Reclaimed marks may include nail holes, staining, and finger joints. Panel edges are stained. Clear finish is applied to all sides for balance. Available in various widths and in 8' and 10' lengths. 

3/4" panels are comprised of a 1/4" veneer on front and back with a 1/4" MDF core substrate. For single or dual sided applications. Standard production consists of A/B sides with stain on front and edges only. A/A sides available with stain front and back and all voids filled. 

1/4" panels are constructed from a 1/8" veneer and 1/8" MDF and paper backer. 

Panels can be installed with French cleats, Z clips or trim head screws.

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D3 Panels

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Sample Size

All samples are approximately 4" by 4". Larger sample sizes are available on request

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