D3 Panels

D3 Panels


First as a tree, second as a structural beam, and now as an architectural panel. In addition to attaching directly to the wall and ceilings, D3 panels have become reception and bar fronts, benches, suspended ceiling panels, café clouds and shaped fins, room dividers, shelving, and more. D3 Panels are made from Douglas fir and Hemlock, reclaimed from solid and glue laminated beams and lumber. These are taken from deconstructed industrial, agricultural, and residential buildings in the Pacific Northwest. D3 Panels are available in two thicknesses; a 3/4” thick rigid panel and a more flexible 1/4” thick panel. The face is sanded smooth to the touch with straight edges for a butt joined installation.

D3 Panel Spec Sheet

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Anthracite, Cascadian Brown, Chestnut, Clear, Ebony, Leather, Umber, Warm Brown